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Jonathan Armstrong - Inspirational Rise from 0 to hero

In this week’s episode, we’re interviewing Indonesian ex-famous rockstar & celebrity – Jono Armstrong who’s now CEO and Founder of The Ministry of Freedom!
Jonathan Armstrong (also called Jono) and his company have generated millions of dollars online since 2017. He is responsible for creating financial freedom for hundreds of his students, many of which are now 6-Figure earners.
In this interview, Jono accompanied by his wife @tjietje shares with us his inspirational story of how he overcame some really hard times from battling drug abuse & juggling careers to becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur. Hope it inspires you!
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Founder Of Ministry Of Freedom

I started out as an English teacher here in Jakarta and after 4 years I got carried away with how to make a living from the internet. My salary as a young teacher in Jakarta was far from great and just enough to cover the cost of living here (around $1200 per month). I wanted to find a way to make a western wage in a developing country.

I bought an ebook from Clickbank called ‘google cash’ which taught the basics of making a commission by promoting other people’s products via adsense pay per click. Basically I would set up an advert on google which linked people straight from the advert to someone elses product, if the customer bought the product, I would get a commission… sounded great until I spent a lot of money on google adverts and not enough commissions in return.Back in 2004 the internet was in it’s infancy and not too many people understood how to monetize the world wide web. One of the options that I got straight into was affiliate marketing.

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